CA2 Portfolio Appendix

7Analytics use hydrology, geology, and data science to develop high-precision risk tools that help everyone from infrastructure owners to architects plan for imminent and future impacts of climate change.

I was tasked with creating particles as a branding element and handling the motion design, including the brand reveal video. Movement of the particles is based on tailored sound design directed by me.

In collaboration with Studio Oker
3D by Børge Myrnes
Music by Denzel Balois (Adv)

Here is also some behind the scenes ︎︎︎
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North Sea Jazz Festival Elective

I combined my love for jazz and the Norwegian perspective of the North Sea into a dynamic art poster. Using Houdini for water simulation and Redshift for rendering, I created a design that captures the essence of both elements. Faced with challenges in animating water collisions, I focused on a striking static frame that resonated well with audiences. This piece is a testament to adaptability in design and the power of visual storytelling in digital art.

Practice 1, Video Essay

In our P1 project, we delved into audiovisual storytelling, where I contributed significantly in both technical and creative capacities. My role involved suggesting efficient digital tools for project management, coordinating with an actor couple for multiple shoots, and handling various production aspects like sound collection and additional camera work. The project culminated in a visually and sonically rich film, showcasing our collaborative effort and my multifaceted involvement, from technical support to creative execution.

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In the 'Narrative Spaces' project, I explored the fusion of graphic design and storytelling across various mediums. My work included designing an animated poster that combined digital innovation with traditional design elements, curating an exhibition space that provided an immersive narrative experience, and creating a unique publication. Each component was crafted to seamlessly integrate within a cohesive theme, showcasing my ability to blend creativity with technical skill in a multidisciplinary design environment.